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The Diplomatic relationship between the United Republic of Tanzania and India dates back from 1961 when the two Nations officially established diplomatic ties between them.  Ever since, the Mission in which in  2007 moved to its own  Chancery at  Chanakyapuri Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi [about 14 km from the Indira Gandhi International Airport ] was profoundly dedicated and continued to promote  cordial, friendly  responsive relations in every   aspect of the diplomatic cooperation including political, economic and cultural relations  with peoples and the Government of India  and with the peoples and Governments of other countries of accreditation in Asia.

The High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania in New Delhi is also accredited to the Republic of Bangladesh, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, the Republic of Singapore and the Republic of Sri Lanka.

South Asia


Among the responsibilities of the High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania in New Delhi India are


  • » Maintenance, promotion and expansion of good political relation between the United Republic of Tanzania and all countries of accreditations [India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore and Sri Lanka]
  • » Promotion and defense of the interests of the Tanzanian Citizens in the area of accreditation.


  • » Promotion of economic diplomacy
  • » Promotion of Investment in Tanzania
  • » Promotion of Tourism to Tanzania
  • » Coordination with the AALCO and other multilateral Institutions based in the area of accreditation.


  • » Visa issuance
  • » Dissemination of information and advice to people visiting Tanzania
  • » Renewal of Passport for Tanzanian Citizens
  • » Passports replacement for Tanzanian Citizens
  • » Issuance of Emergency  Travel Document for Tanzanian Citizens
  • » Providing advisory services for Tanzania Citizens
  • » Authentifications of Tanzanian government official documents
  • » Notarial services  for Tanzanian citizens
  • » Solemnization of marriage for Tanzanian citizens


  • Facilitating cooperation between NGOs in Tanzania and NGOs in the area of our accreditations
  • Promoting cultural exchanges between Tanzania and other countries in the area of our accreditations
  • Education and scientific cooperation

- Diplomatic Staff

- List of the Mission’s served High Commissioners

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