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Verification of Documents

Documents such as; Birth certificate, Certificate of No Impediment, Marriage certificate, Driving license, School and college certificate, Passport, and other documents originating from Tanzania can be brought to the Embassy for authentication and verification. The authentication and verification of such individual documents is chargeable . The Embassy also authenticates companies' official documents which have been approved by the Notary Public Offices in respective countries.

Work Permit in Tanzania


All people intending to reside in the United Republic of Tanzania for business or work or for any other acceptable purpose are issued residence permits. There are three types:

- Class A: for self-employed foreigners (investors)

- Class B: for foreigners with jobs

- Class C: other classes of foreigner such as missionaries, students, volunteers.

The power to issue a residence permit is vested in the Director of Immigration Services. Applicants who are not satisfied by the Director’s decision may appeal to the Minister for Home Affairs while they are outside the country. Applications for Residence Permits should also be submitted while the applicant is outside the country.

Class A Permits

Applicants are required to fill in Tanzania Immigration Form 1, obtainable at any immigration office. The following items must be attached to the application form:
- Certificate of Competence from The Tanzania Investment Centre (T.I.C.)
- A cover letter from the applicant
- Six photographs
- Curriculum vitae
- Educational certificates (if appropriate)
- Company registration
- Memorandum and articles of association
- Evidence of business premises
- ectoral approval from any relevant ministry
- Share certificate (if needed)
- Copy of passport pages authentificating nationality and validity o f passport.
N.B. Those who do not qualify under the T.I.C. should provide a Bank proof of 300,000 USD to be considered for the Class A Permit by the Director of Immigration Services.

Zanzibar Procedures

Specific attachments for the application process in Zanzibar include:
- A cover letter from ZIPA, or EPZ
- Feasibility study or copy of write up
- Interim certificate
- Police clearance
- Four Photographs

Class B Permits

Applicants for the Class B permit must complete Tanzania Immigration Form I and submit it to the Labour Commissioner for a recommendation. The recommendation will be attached to the form and forwarded to the Director of Immigration Services for further action.

The Class B Permit is intended for applicants who possess rare qualifications or skills, preferably in highly technical occupations, that are not readily available in the local labour market.

The necessary attachments to the application are the following:
- Cover letter or letter of appointment;
- Five photographs;
- Curriculum vitae;
- Academic qualifications (preferably copies of diplomas);
- Job description for each individual expatriate;
- Organisational structure o f a company showing clearly the number and types of posts filled in or lined up for expatriates;
- A letter of clearance from the Government for anyone to be employed in a parastatal organisation;
- Membership certificates or clearances from local professional bodies for testing and monitoring the professional integrity of expatriates – i.e. doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, pilots, surveyors, accountants and the like;
- Employment contract;
- Photocopy of passport pages to authentify nationality, validity, and the current immigration status (if the applicant is already in the country);
- Evidence to show that the company has tried to fill the position with a Tanzanian by producing copies of advertisements announcing the vacancy as well as the C.V. of a Tanzanian alternative.

Zanzibar Procedures

Applicants in Zanzibar are required to produce some additional attachments as follows:
- A cover letter from ZIPA, OR EPZ
- Four Photographs passport size.
- Police clearance

Operational Requirements for Class B Permits

Tanzania Immigration Form 20, “Return on employment of Non-citizens” must be submitted annually between January 1 and March 31. There is no processing fee for this form.

Expatriates are advised to remain with one employer during the contract and complete an understudy programme for jobs they occupy in order to allow the position to be taken over by local personnel in compliance with localisation policy.

However, if under special circumstances an employee is obliged to terminate the contract prematurely and the expatriate would with to cross to another employer, her or she will be required to leave the country and while outside the country apply by producing the following documents, before a second grant Class B Permit is issued:
- A letter of no objection (clearance) by the previous employer authorising the expatriate to work in the other organisation.
- Other documents as enumerated at in the list above
- Surrender of the previous permit in respect of the former employer in order that it be cancelled.

Exemptions from Labour Commissioner’s Recommendations

Foreigners intending to perform certain short-term assignments may be exempted from the requirement that they obtain recommendations from the Labour Commissioner. Examples include artists, entertainers, journalists, hunters, etc. The short-term permits are determined by the Director of immigration Services.

The period of validity for short-term permits ranges from one month to a year. Applications must include the following documents:
- Personal curriculum vitae
- Availability of contract, among other basics, conditions governing such invitation or assignment
- Cover letter
- Clearance letter from the relevant ministry
- Copies of passport pages to authentificate the nationality and validity of passport
- Six photographs
- Professional certificates
- Hunting permit (in the case of hunters) from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism
N.B. For non-governmental short-term assignments, clearances from inviting organisations are essential.

Class C Permits

Expatriates who are not eligible for class A or B permits are required to apply for a Class C Permit. The category of people granted such permits and the documentation requirements are as follows:

- Curriculum vitae
- Copies of passport pages showing nationality, validity, and evidence of present immigrations status
- Joining instruction/admission letter
- Cover letter signed by authorities of the admitting institution; Six photographs

Zanzibar Procedures

Some specific attachments for applicants in Zanzibar include:
- His/Her personal letter to Principal Immigration Office Zanzibar
- A letter from the local administrator (Sheha) (in case he/she is staying in particular Sheha not boarding)
- Four Photographs.


- Curriculum Vitae
- Copies of passport pages showing nationality, validity, and evidence of present immigration status
- Permit to conduct research activities obtainable from Commission for Science and Technology, in the Kijitonyama area of Dar es Salaam
- Cover letter

Researchers in Zanzibar

Additional attachments for applicants in Zanzibar include:
- Permit to conduct research activities obtained from the Ministry of State (President’s Office) for Regional Administrative and special Departments Zanzibar
- Research Programme
- 4 Photographs


- Cover letter signed by authorities from the religious organisations
- Photocopy of passport pages as above Academic and professional certificates
- Ordination Certificate (if appropriate)
- Testimonials
- Six photographs
- Curriculum vitae
- Police clearance (for Zanzibar)

Retired Persons:

- Curriculum vitae
- Previous residence permit
- Release authority from previous employer (or letter of retirement)
- Personal cover letter
- Six photographs
- Four photographs (for Zanzibar)

Dependant’s Passes

Dependent passes are issued to people who would like to stay in Tanzania while depending on their relatives with residence permits. These include children less than 18 years old, spouses, the aged, and people unable to support themselves.

The required documentation is as follows:
- Submission of Tanzania immigration Form 2
- A cover letter
- Five photographs
- Legal Authentifications of relationship to the resident: birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.


A part from submitting the necessary documents and fulfilling conditions for the issuance of-residence permits and other documentation, the issuing officer shall consider each case on its own merits.

An incomplete application package will not be considered. Applicants are advised to lodge their applications in person or by mail through their bonafide employers so as to avoid deceit or any other malpractice by staff styled “agents.”

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