Trade and Investment

Tanzania has been implementing a series of adjustment programmes in order to enhance trade and Investment. The measures include the withdrawal of the Government from business trade liberalization, simplification and strengthening of tax System, public spending reorganised, inflation lowered and the exchange
rate stabilised.

All aspect of the economy including trade, foreign exchange rates, Private investments, private banking and interest rates have been liberalised.   The reform programme is resolutely market oriented and private sector investor friendly. The Government has in place a new investment policy which was
formulated to replace old National Investment Promotion and Protection Policy with the aim of creating better and conducive Investment climate.

Tanzania has also embarked on other measures to improve investment climate
some of which are as follows:
Enacted latest mining Act 1998/2010 and Land Act 1999,
Petroleum Exploration and Production Act 1980,
Special Economic Zones Act 2005,
Export Processing Zones Act 2002,
Adopted integrated road rehabilitation program with the World Bank,

Initiated Privatisation programme with the Establishment of the Presidential Parastatal Reform Commission PSRC  in 1993.

Why you should Invest in Tanzania

  • » Tanzania is a sizeable country in Africa and enjoys excellent geographical location with diverse investment opportunities.
  • » Peace and Stability
  • » Stable Investment Policy and one stop Facilitating Centre
  • » Stable Macroeconomic Performance and Fiscal Regime
  • » Private Sector Development
  • » Is a gateway to East and Central Africa. Six Land locked countries have access to Tanzania Ports.
  • » A sizeable domestic and hub of a Regional (the East African and SADC) markets with a wide local raw material supply.
  • » Enjoy export quotas to EU market.
  • » Utilize American Market through AGOA.
  • » Enjoys abundance of natural wealth which offers: -Tremendous Investment opportunities in agriculture, mineral and energy resources. -A land of spectacular natural beauty with Mount Kilimanjaro rising to the north and the National Parks and Game Reserves covering one-seventh of the country.
  • » There is the home of the largest wild animals population in the world.
  • » It has in-inexpensive and un-exploited labour.
  • » It offers the package of incentives to investors and investment Guarantees.
  • » Allows unconditional transfer of capital and profits.
  • » It enjoys political stability with a suitable market policy

Investment Opportunities

Tanzania under the new enacted investment code Tanzania Investment Act -1997 and the Zanzibar Investment and Protection Act 11 2004 has been able to identify and categorize investment opportunities into load and priority sectors as follows:

Load sector

Mining, Infrastructure,(e.g. . Road Construction, Bridges, Air ports, Generation of Electricity, Telecommunications, Water Services, Backup, services to Mining and the Like) and Export Processing Zone.

Priority sector

Agriculture including Livestock, Air Aviation, Commercial Buildings, Commercial Development and Micro finance Banks, Export processing , Geographical special development areas, Human resources development, Manufacturing, Natural resources, including fishing, Rehabilitation and

Expansion, Radio and Television broadcasting, Tourism and tour Operation.


Extractive Industries



In Addition To

Traditional Crops



Deep Sea Fishing And


Sugar Ethanol

Palm Oil And


Pyrethrum And

Artemisia Organic Cotton

Minerals – Base

Metals and Gemstones




Oil And Natural Gas

Coal Refining, Processing,

Smelting, Cutting And Polishing


ICT Backbone

Roads network covering most investment areas

Functional Seaports

Airports servicing international flights Financial institution Health care centres Education

Beach Tourism

Conference Tourism

Sports/Golf Tourism

City Tourism

Medical Tourism Historical Tourism

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